11 March 2015

10th Anniversary of the World Heritage Magazine

Stralsund, Germany

Culinary stroll through the Hanseatic Cities of Stralsund and Wismar

Pleasure is always a matter of taste! For one it is a manually brewed cup of coffee in the afternoon, for the other it is a friendly get-together in an earthy tavern or a dinner in a stylish ambience. Some rather like to enjoy a great glass of wine; others prefer a cool jar of beer.
The Hanseatic Cities of Stralsund and Wismar dedicate this year’s issue of their magazine “WELT-KULTUR-ERBE 2015” to different forms of indulgence. The authors draw an arc from herring and wine trade over long gone brewing traditions up to traditional and new regional delicacies. They introduce ancient taverns and give an insight into historical festivities.
Other than that, the new edition spotlights two important anniversaries for Stralsund – 250 years of playing cards production in Stralsund and also the end of the Swedish Era 200 years ago. Popular columns like excursion tips for the region Western Pomerania, a literature recommendation or the overview of event highlights in Stralsund and Wismar complement the 80-page publication.
Who has by now developed an appetite for more and always wanted to know why the Buttergang in the townhall of Stralsund is named »Buttergang«, should go ahead and get the magazine “WELT-KULTUR-ERBE 2015” at the World Heritage visitor centres or the tourist information in the Hanseatic Cities of Stralsund and Wismar.

Background information
The magazine „ WELT-KULTUR-ERBE “ was first published in 2005 on the initiative of the World Heritage Management and the World Heritage Advisory Board of the Hanseatic City of Stralsund. Since then 18 issues have been released.

Photo (Hansestadt Stralsund/Pressestelle): Theresa Bruckner (Trainee in the Public Relations office of the Hanseatic City of Stralsund) is happy about the new edition of the magazine WELT-KULTUR-ERBE 2015.