21 February 2015

Tourism and Heritage. SRESM-OWHC

Segovia, Spain


In the 14th Regional Conference of Secretariat for Europe Southern and Mediterranean (SRESM)of the OWHC that took place in Cordova (Spain) from November 25 until November 27, approved the beginning of a new project that will treat on Tourism and Heritage and that will be coordinated by the city of Segovia.

For years, in the meetings of projects, we had expressed the need to work on Tourism. The importance of this in our cities, the delicate balance between tourism and heritage , and the thrust it brings to the economy of these, is undoubtedly one of the concerns in the destinations that make up the OWHC.

Tourism is an activity that involves the participation of citizens. When occurs the encounter between the inhabitants of a destination and tourists from other regions or countries with different cultural realities, this has a direct impact on cultures. As a positive influence, generates a large benefit to people who are involved with tourism and the interrelated sectors, so its impact is not only economic but also social, cultural and environmental.

Since this draft Tourism and Heritage we want to expand the knowledge of our cities and at the same time, the respect and care for the heritage that identifies us as citizens and future generations are going to keep on discovering and enjoying.

For all the above, no doubt of the importance of management to our destination. And although we know that the solutions are not unique and that each city is different, it is very interesting that, from all cities in rule of this regional secretariat will work together to develop common strategies and cataloged good practices that serve as example and support 

The first working session will take place in the next Projects Meeting to be held in Angra do Heroismo (Portugal) from 16 to 18 March.

Warm regards,

Patricia Otones Gonzalez                                                             Rafael Pérez de la Concha Camacho
Manager of the Municipal Company of Tourism at Segovia         Regional Coordinator of Southern Europe and Mediterranean Secretariat
Coordinator, Mobility and Heritage Project