6 February 2015

The Golden Triangle – 3 Unesco World Heritage Sites on bike

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The World Heritage sites in and around Amsterdam illustrate better than anything else the ‘building blocks’ of the kingdom of the Netherlands. We must care for these areas so that future generations can also enjoy the never-ending avenues of trees in the Beemster, a boat trip through the canals, and the green and open no-man’s land of bygone eras. Three UNESCO World Heritage sites, unique for present and future generations!

This brochure explains the connection between these World Heritage sites and takes you on a cycling tour that links them geographically. The cycling tour starts at Amsterdam’s historical Canal Ring and takes you through the green countryside of Waterland to the panoramic landscape of the Beemster Polder. Along the way you will pass one of the forts in the Defence Line of Amsterdam, which has found a surprising new purpose.  

The Cycle tour is approximately 35 kilometers, one way.It is possible to take your bike back to Amsterdam by train, from Purmerend railway station. The route is available in Dutch, English, French and German. Pick it up in Amsterdam, gebouw de Bazel, Vijzelstraat 32 in the World Heritage Podium.
Enjoy the movie about our Golden Triangle!