12 January 2015

Local Craftsmanship and Visual Pollution

Granada, Spain

Local Craft and Visual Pollution Project
Local craftsmanship is the most visible aspect of the intangible cultural heritage of our World Heritage Cities. The purpose of this project is to promote the native crafts
and to foster visual depolluting actions in the World Heritage areas.
The aims of this proposal is to promote the exhibition and sales of this local crafts, taking into account authenticity and quality standards; to raise awareness
among owners of shops located within the protected areas; to develop a supporting system with the creation of a quality seal; and to reduce the negative impact of visual
For achieving these aims, the intention is to carry out an initial diagnosis and to establish a protocol for the cities to join this project.
More información:
Ángela González Quesada                                               Rafael Pérez de la Concha Camacho
Coordinator of the Project                                                Regional Coordinator
                                           [email protected]