7 October 2014

OWHC-AP Launched Its Own Web Page!!!

OWHC-AP created its own independent homepage for active communication among world heritage cities in the region.

Events, articles and activities will be continually provided by the Regional Secretariat. Its official website is www.owhcap.org.

It will be linked with the OWHC homepage managed by the General Secretariat, Quebec. OWHC-AP has been organized OWHC-AP Youth Communication Committee who lively participate in the social network of OWHC-AP. They have designed all kinds of internet products including the designs and contents for webpage(www.owhcap.org), Facebook, Twitter, and Blog articles.

Furthermore, they are not only in charge of producing the content for the social media but more importantly, building academic discussions about issues that influences on World Heritage cities. We would like to expand this small group of youth beyond Korea with the youth from member cities. This group of youth will be the vanguard of exchanging information within the region and building awareness of OWHC-AP.

Please Visit the Web Page of OWHC-AP where you can feel how much efforts these young people are making. Your opinions nurture the future of OWHC.