6 October 2014

Regional meeting of Asia-Pacific

Gyeongju, Republic of Korea

The first OWHC Asia-Pacific Regional Conference took place from 24 to 26 September 2014 in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, the seat of the Regional Secretariat. Thanks to the remarkable support of the Mayor of Gyeongju, Mr. Choi Yang Sik, and the dedicated efforts of the Regional Coordinator, Mr. Kwon Huh, the conference was a great success.

An Experts’ workshop was held on the first day having the theme: “People-centered Conservation for World Heritage Cities and Towns”. The second day was devoted to the Mayors’ meeting with the theme: “Challenges of World Heritage Cities – Vision and Reality”. On the last day presentations were made by the OWHC Secretary General, Mr. Denis Ricard, and the Regional Coordinator on the objectives, activities and programs of the OWHC and those of the Regional Secretariat. A lively exchange of ideas and proposals among the members followed, culminating in the adoption of the “OWHC-AP Gyeongju Declaration.”

With 27 cities represented by Mayors or other local authorities in addition to heritage experts from the region as well as the Director and the Chief of the Culture Unit of the UNESCO Bangkok Office, the Deputy Director of the Cultural Heritage Administration of the Korean Government and representatives of the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, totaling over 150 participants, the Asia-Pacific Regional Secretariat was launched in a most impressive manner.

To know more about the meeting, read the report of the Asia-Pacific Regional Secretariat in the Regional Secretariats section under Regional News.