6 June 2014

Minister opens Dutch World Heritage Weekend in Polder the Beemster

Purmerend, Netherlands

The annual Dutch World Heritage Weekend took place during the third weekend of June. All the World Heritage sites organize special events to educate the public about World Heritage and why they are so special.

The Weekend was extra special for Beemster, since Minister from Education, Culture and Science, Mariëtte Bussemaker, opened the Weekend in Polder the Beemster. She was welcomed by mayor of Beemster and president of the Dutch World Heritage Foundation, Harry Brinkman.

A year ago the Minister asked the Dutch World Heritage sites to think about a physical connection between the sites, so tourists will be able to visit all the Dutch sites within a couple of days. And this has now been achieved! On Saturday June 14th the first Dutch World Heritage touring car was presented to the Minister.

More information about the Dutch World Heritage sites is available on the website: www.werelderfgoed.nl

Photograph by Mr. Jan Jobsis