6 November 2013

The Photo from Regensburg Has Won the International Photo Competition Literally OWHC

The picture that won the photo competition “Literally OWHC” in Regensburg has been selected by the international jury and received the final award in the international competition as well. The photo by Barbara Ossyssek, a citizen of Regensburg, will be promoted worldwide from now on, since the International Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) will incorporate it in the future PR activities.

The OWHC Regional Secretariat Northwest Europe located in Regensburg has launched the two-step photo contest in May 2013. The contestant pictures were supposed to depict a characteristic view of the World Heritage City with the abbreviation “OWHC” harmoniously integrated in the overall composition. Apart from Regensburg eight other World Heritage Cities from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and England took part in the competition. At the first stage, each participating member city chose its own winner. At the final stage, the international jury selected the overall winner among the representatives of nine cities.

 “It is such a pleasure to know that the photo from Regensburg has received the final award. We congratulate Barbara Ossyssek cordially with such a success”, said Christine Schimpfermann, Planning and Building Division Officer. The photo presents the view of the Old Town of Regensburg with the towers of St Peter’s Cathedral and the Stone Bridge in the background, and the OWHC letters made up of large pebbles on the Danube bank in the foreground. The picture will be used for the future PR campaigns in the framework of international conferences and congresses.