6 November 2013

Report of Activities 2012-2013

A Report of activities of the Regional Secretariat Northwest Europe has been published!

Upon the intensive and productive one-year-and-a-half period of work the Regional Secretariat Northwest Europe has compiled a report of activities reflecting the wide scope of Secretariat’s initiatives. While emphasizing the importance of an integrated approach, the Secretariat has defined and developed four core initiative orientations.

Thus, in the framework of the Communication initiative, the exhibition “OWHC and the Northwest Europe Region” was organized, accompanied by the small and easy-to-disseminate brochure; the upgrading and enhancement of the OWHC website was carried out; two creative activities – a photo competition and a short film production – were realized. The Strategic initiative has been developed via elaboration of the position paper on the topic of the World Heritage and its management. The Solidarity initiative turned out to be a successful practice of City-to-city visits. In the context of the Expertise initiative several conferences and regional working meetings took place.

For the more detailed information please have a look at the full version of the Report of activities, issued in English, French and Spanish as well as the other related publications, presented in English.