17 May 2013

Meeting of the Board of Directors of the OWHC in Quebec, Canada

Quebec, Canada

The 34th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Organization of World Heritage Cities was held in the city of Quebec, Canada, from May 14 to 16, 2013.  

The OWHC, in partnership with the city of Quebec, held a press conference on Wednesday, May 15, during which the 20 years of the Organization and the presence of the members of the Board of Directors were highlighted. The City also took the opportunity to reveal the signature Québec, ville du patrimoine mondial. Mr. Harry N.G. Brinkman, president of the OWHC and mayor of Beemster, in the Netherlands, and Mr. Denis Ricard, secretary general of the OWHC, were asked to speak at the event.  

In addition, during the working sessions of the Board of Directors, many information, discussion and decision issues were addressed and debated. Among the points that were adopted, there are in particular:

  • the agenda of the next General Meeting that will be held in Oaxaca, Mexico, on November 22, 2013;
  • the 2013-2015 action plan of the OWHC.

The OWHC expresses its gratitude to the city of Quebec for its warm welcome and wishes to thank the government of Quebec, which offered a dinner to the participants in honour of the 20 years of the Organization.