11 March 2013

”On the way to Oaxaca” – Cities particpating to the workshop in Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba, Spain

The Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) is proud to release the list of its cities that will be participating to the workshop ”On the way to Oaxaca”, as selected by its scientific committee:

All these cities will attend to the workshop to be held in Cordoba, Spain (June 4-5-6 2013), which should enriched the thematic of the OWHC’s XII World CongressThis second event will happen in Oaxaca, Mexico, on November 19-22 2013.

”On the way to Oaxaca” is a response to the engagements taken in the Sintra Contribution. At its term, the workshop could even become a OWHC’s regular program.

Congratulations to all the selected cities!