12 September 2012

Asia-Pacific Mayors’ Forum for World Heritage Cities

Gyeongju, Republic of Korea

On August 29 and 30, the Secretary General of the OWHC was invited to attend the Asia-Pacific Mayors’ Forum for World Heritage Cities in Gyeongju City, Republic of Korea. Thirty-four Mayors or their representatives attended this gathering. Thanks to the Mayor of Gyeongju, the Korean Commision for UNESCO and the UNESCO Office in Bangkok, the organization of the conference was impeccable and delivered very promising results.


Among those, all Mayors of World Heritage Cities in Asia and the Pacific recommended to create and maintain networks and ties amongst each other to better meet the challenges of conserving and managing a city having World Heritage status in Asia and the Pacific, in particular within the network of the OWHC. They also recommended to note with appreciation the interest of the city of Gyeongju to host the first regional Secretariat for Asia and the Pacific of the OWHC, and the proposal to convene the first regional conference in 2014.


Congratulations to the organizers and welcome to the OWHC to all the participants.