Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague (Czech Republic)


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Situated on the River Vltava in central Bohemia, Prague is the capital city of of the Czech Republic and has been the political, cultural, and economic core of the State during its 1.100-year existence. As a key focus of central Europe, Prague is a metropolis that is still developing and growing, and it entered into the 21st century under greatly differing conditions than under those which existed before. In the face of political, social and economic changes — which significantly influenced the urban spatial restructuring — the image of the city is undergoing profound transformations, though it has preserved its development structure until the present times. As an urban and architectural ensemble of outstanding quality — in terms of both individual monuments and townscape — Prague’s historic centre is a paradigm of the process of continuous urban growth from the Middle Ages to the present day. Credit : Enrico Fontanari et al. (dir.), Global Report Culture and Sustainable Urban Development: Regional Report on Urban Conservation and Regeneration in Europe, UNESCO and IUAV, 2015, Annexes 1 p. 70-79.