2019 Posters Exhibition – Community participation in Vigan: A heritage conservation practice for sustainable urban revitalization

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Vigan (Philippines)


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The Heritage City of Vigan is a virtuous example of cooperation between local communities to ensure the preservation of its tangible and intangible heritage. Even before its inscription as a World Heritage Site and its recent success as one of the New 7 Wonders Cities, Vigan has already a strong relationship with the local community through engagement in planning and management of programs and innovative heritage management practices. The local communities and other stakeholders have been dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate partners to the city as they work together in all aspects of implementation and development of heritage conservation. Vigan has opened itself to change but has not sacrificed the wealth of its heritage. It is the ability to cope with the present amidst the bounds set by centuries-old legacy and the active involvement of its people that makes Vigan a living historic city.