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2017 Posters Exhibition – Travel Information Services in Historic Cities in Valetta

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Valetta (Malta)


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The islands of Malta introduced a road pricing scheme in 2007 called the Controlled Vehicular Access (CVA) system in the capital city Valleta. The system is based on camera technology that captures vehicles entering and exiting the charging area which identifies the owner and charge according to time spent in the charging zone. For nine years the system has been gathering data about car travel into the city but little if no efforts were made to use the data to provide user feedback or travel information. The Valleta Travel Information Service (VaTIS) aims to extend the sensor technology around the city beyond the road pricing cameras to Bluetooth sensors and crowdsourcing through a smartphone and web application which is capable of collecting travel information and relay feedback to users. This project is ongoing and the initial phases have seen the use of data from the CVA system and the development of the app.