“On the Road to Québec”: Launch of the 5 thematic workshops – Registration open!

The time has come to register for the thematic workshops that will launch the preparation of the 16th World Congress of the OWHC. The workshops are mainly aimed at mobilizing the expertise of the OWHC through the participation of experts from member cities. It is up to you to develop the content of the Congress!

Participants in the thematic workshops are invited to propose the “main orientations” that should guide the OWHC member cities in their development. These orientations must respond to the challenges posed by paradigm shifts – global pandemic, climate emergency and economic upheaval – and suggest new approaches.

Before confirming your registration, please consult the general concept of the congress as well as the idea behind the thematic workshops to know everything about them.

Each of the 5 workshops will be held in turn in the three working languages of the Organization (French, English, Spanish) on the following dates:

Follow the link below for workshop details and to register!

Registration and details of the thematic workshops

What’s next: Your preparation for the workshops

“Guidelines” will be sent to the registered experts, in order to help them get prepared for the workshop.

No later than one week prior to the workshop, participants will receive a “workshop notebook”. This notebook will contain:

  • an introductory document on the theme
  • innovative initiatives implemented in our member cities as a support to the discussion
  • a series of specific questions to guide the discussions
  • a table for participants to write down their ideas in advance or to take notes during the workshop

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS ESSENTIAL! All OWHC member cities are invited to involve one or more experts to participate in this workshop series!

For any questions regarding the workshops, please contact Andréanne Charest: [email protected]