8 July 2021


HOMEE Research Project I Mega-events in Heritage-rich Cities Webinar: From research to principles and policy recommendations

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8 July 2021 11:00-15:30 ()


How can cities rich in culture host mega-events without putting their own heritage at risk? How can mega-events become effective ways to promote and protect tangible and intangible heritage? Join in on July 8 for a webinar presenting outputs of the HOMEE project (Heritage Opportunities/ threats within Mega-Events in Europe).

Mega-events have been changing their relationship with the city, now more commonly using existing infrastructures and facilities. In Europe and other parts of the world, this may put historic city centres and broader heritage assets under stress.

The webinar will introduce and launch the “Charter for Mega-events in Heritage-rich Cities” that responds to these questions and derives from the HOMEE research project. It provides principles and policy recommendations for decision makers and event organisers to avoid typical pitfalls while cooperating with the heritage sector.

During the webinar sessions, leading international experts and policy-makers will discuss the Charter and engage with current and future challenges regarding mega-events, heritage and the city.

You can review the Charter’s principles and recommendations HERE

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