11 to 12 March 2020


Historical Cities 3.0 – 2nd International Conference “Historical cities in search of a premium tourist”


ICE Congress center - Krakow, Poland






11 to 12 March 2020



2nd International Conference “Historical cities in search of a premium tourist” is planned on 11-12 of March 2020 at ICE Kraków Congress Centre as a part of the Historical Cities 3.0 project, whose main goal is to discuss problems, experiences, solutions used in historical cities, exclusively in the aspect of tourism development. Panels and case studies are first of all to take into account the diverse determinants of tourism management in order to seek common tools for sustainable development.

  • Discussions and debates in March congress certainly will be extremely interesting – says Bartłomiej Walas from Touristic Department of UMK – mainly because of the recently growing discussion about how the tourism in historical cities should look like. Actual problems force the diagnosis and debates about tourism form. While the first conference discussed the relations between visitors and local residents, the second edition will be devoted to seeking the answer to the questions about the shape of so-called premium tourism.

Greatest experts and authorities of tourism industry would share their knowledge and experience in the following panels:

  • Managing tourist experience
  • The city of festivals or the festival city?
  • Congress at all costs?
  • Outdoor sporting events. Who are they really for?

Among panelist: representatives of Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Great Britain, Canada, Belgium, Ukraine, Singapore and international institutions such as European Commission, ICCA, Airbnb.

Download the complete program

The event is aimed for local governments, non-governmental organizations, tourism industry and people professionally associated with tourism.

Early registration is required and available at: https://historicalcity.conrego.com/rejestracja

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