Aleksei Mikhailov – St. Petersburg (Russian Federation)



The Government of St. Petersburg, represented by the Committee for the State Preservation of Cultural and Historical monuments, pays special attention to interaction with young people. The Government tries to develop projects that are relevant to young people and motivate them to participate in heritage conservation. So, a few years ago, the “Mission to preserve” project was created.

It’s an interregional festival in a sphere of promotion and preservation of cultural heritage. The idea of the Festival is to make the world of art closer to the young audience and convey to them the understanding of the heritage surroundings in a city space. It is not only an educational project, but a project where the student’s ideas about popularization of heritage as well as their World Heritage Site “Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Group of Monuments” could be noticed and implemented by authorities.

Everyone can offer their own project and after the examination by experts, the winner project will be implemented with the support of our Committee.

Due to pandemic situation, we decided not to disappoint our young participants and instead of postponing the event, we organized it online.

Now there is no need to visit the Committee – all documents are sent online. Experts checked the documents from their homes. And finalists were invited to the final official ceremony to Youtube channel (

We believe that this kind of work is very important for young citizens, it helps to learn about the city, its culture and history and may prevent vandalism.

Following are the best works of the last years.

Children created a series of table games, dedicated to the history and culture of Saint Petersburg. All the graphics and questions were created by the young authors.

This is the project of a coloring book for children that tells about the history of porcelain.

The authors of this project created an historial and cultural game based on the Sea battle classic game. The difference is that each ship has its own color and a question. When you strike the ship, the team should answer one of the 140 historical and cultural questions about St. Petersburg.

A team from a school for disabled children developed a desk with description in Braile of one of the component of our Heritage Site, which could help to see the relief of St.Petersburg and its famous monuments. The project is under construction. Nowadays it is going to be the first object of that kind for disabled in an open city space of St.Petersburg.