13 May 2024

Registrations for the 17th World Congress and its General Assembly are now open!

Cordoba, Spain

An invitation for the Cordoba congress

A few months before the 17th OWHC World Congress, which will take place from 24 to 27 September 2024, in Cordoba (Spain), the mayor of the host city, Mr. José María Bellido Roche, as well as the Mayor of Québec City and OWHC President, Mr. Bruno Marchand, wish to address a few words to invite you to join them for this event which promises to be unique and very eventful. Watch the video:

A theme centred on the Habitability of historic city centers

The Cordoba Symposium will take stock of the Québec Roadmap. The collective work conducted as part of this participative engineering process, unprecedented for the Organization, is already outlining a series of bold orientations. The main idea is that the city is first and foremost a place in which to live, to work, to socialize, to cultivate, to form a community, and to be open to others. “Habitability” is therefore at the core of the OWHC’s approach, it serves as a fundamental benchmark and provides the conditions for a successful climate transition, thanks to an urban-led heritage approach that safeguards the identity and the potential of cities.

The Cordoba Symposium will create a space for elected officials and municipal experts to meet and work together, taking a decisive step forward by:

  • Developing the concept and characteristics of “Habitability”;
  • Confirming the operational principles likely to enrich the ongoing or planned actions in member cities;
  • Consolidating the cooperation method and tools that will enable the approach to be pursued on a larger scale;
  • Placing “Habitability” at the core of the OWHC’s “New Urban Project” with the aim of triggering urban strategies that will materialize the objective of “reconciling the human, the urban and nature”.

Registrations, Congress website and Program

You can now register for the 17th OWHC World Congress. The preliminary program, information related to the registrations (hotels, visas, etc.) as well as the registration link are available on the official website:

Official website of the 17th World Congress

Please note that all the details concerning the Loyalty Reward Program* will be published in the coming weeks, as well as information regarding the poster exhibition and opening of candidacies for 2026 host city and Board of Directors.

* As a reminder, the Loyalty Reward Program offers a financial contribution to members in good standing to support their participation in World Congresses. The 2024 Loyalty Reward Program will give preference to member cities in good standing that have been involved in the Québec Roadmap.

Notification for the 2024 General Assembly

Each member city in good standing of the OWHC is hereby invited to attend the 2024 General Assembly of the OWHC to be held at the Cordoba Congress Palace, between 24 and 27 September. Please click on the link below to fill out the attendance form for your city:

2024 General Assembly

It is important that each member city confirms its presence at the General Assembly. Please note that the mayors of the cities that are eligible to vote (i.e. members in good standing) will receive the preparatory documents for the meeting on August 23, 2024.

To follow the preparation of the Congress…

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