30 November 2022

Launch of the 2023 Video Competition!

The OWHC is proud to launch the 7th edition of the International Video Production Competition. This competition is intended for young people of two age groups: 14 to 17 years old and 18 to 21 years old. At the invitation of the cities that are part of the OWHC network and that have registered, the young people will be called upon to produce a video on a World Heritage City having a maximum duration of five minutes.

The theme this year: “Heritage and Quality of life”.

In a context of increasing urbanization, climate, political and social issues, the portrait of World Heritage cities is constantly changing. In some, increasingly unaffordable rents and unsustainable tourism are displacing local communities that have lived there for generations. In others, unsustainable urban development is contributing to the disappearance of places or practices that carry a priceless tangible and intangible heritage. This reality offers a golden opportunity to re-evaluate the quality of life of the inhabitants of World Heritage Cities. Take this opportunity to show us your vision of your heritage and the quality of life of the inhabitants of your historic city. What action(s) has your city taken to achieve quality of life? In which sector(s) – mobility, green spaces, local services, etc.? – What suggestions for improvement would you have for your city? What projects could be developed that would contribute to improving the quality of life in your city?

Attractive prizes are once again offered:

  • Certificates of honor for Mayors and young people from the winning cities
  • 1 prize of $1500 CA for the 14-17 years old winner
  • 1 prize of $3000 CA for the 18-21 years old winner
  • The video broadcast on the OWHC website and YouTube channel of the OWHC

To find out more about the competition, check out the webpage where you’ll find lots of useful information, a Practical Guide for Local Managers, and great posters and banners to publicize the contest in your city. Deadline to register for the competition as a participating city: 1st March 2023.

Participate in large numbers!

Consult the webpage of the competition Download the Practical Guide for Local Managers

For questions and comments, please contact Franck Agbenu: [email protected]