9 September 2021

Mr. Mikhael De Thyse has been appointed as the new Secretary General of the OWHC

During the Virtual General Assembly of 9 September 2021, the members of the OWHC voted and elected Mr. Mikhael De Thyse as the new Secretary General of the Organization.

Among the participants present to the General Assembly, 52 member cities in good standing voted, with a result of 62% of the votes for Mr. De Thyse.

Mr. De Thyse dedicated his studies and his career to the protection and enhancement of both cultural and built heritage. During 24 years, Mr. De Thyse was part of the Council of Europe developing and directing more than 100 projects related to heritage in 36 countries, which involved more than 1400 experts’ missions on diverse subjects.

We are delighted to have Mr. De Thyse as the new Secretary General of the OWHC. This post is essential to the development of our Organization, the challenges that come with it are equally crucial, and we are confident that Mr. De Thyse’s knowledge and expertise will lead the OWHC positively through the upcoming years.

Congratulations to Mr. Mikhael De Thyse!