19 July 2021

Charter For Mega-Events in Heritage-Rich Cities

How can cities rich in culture host mega-events without putting their own heritage at risk? How can mega-events become effective ways to promote and protect tangible and intangible heritage? The Charter developed by the “HOMEE – Heritage Opportunities/threats within Mega-Events in Europe” aims at solving this kind of question for city decision makers and event organisers by providing principles and recommendations on how to avoid typical pitfalls while cooperating with the heritage sector.

The Charter consists of 13 key principles representing the Charter’s core values, structured within the four themes: Context matters; Planning legacies; Inclusive governance; Communities and identities. Furthermore, the Snapshots section gives concrete examples of each of the 13 principles, presenting the cases in which they were observed. These snapshot views of both successful cases and also more critical aspects can assist policymakers and event organizers with best practices, key issues and missed opportunities from which to learn.

You can review the Charter’s principles and recommendations HERE.

The recording sessions of the HOMEE Research Project I Mega-events in Heritage-rich Cities Webinar: From research to principles and policy recommendations, held on 8 July 2021, in which leading international experts and policy-makers discussed the Charter, are also available on the HOMEE Research Project YouTube Channel: MORNING SESSION and AFTERNOON SESSION.

If you are interested in endorsing the Charter, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Leader of the HOMEE project, Davide Ponzini, by email at [email protected].