19 February 2020

Icherisheher and Regensburg: Training on Visitor Engagement and Storytelling

12-13 FEBRUARY 2020

On 12-13 of February, the Administration of Icherisheher (Walled City of Baku) hosted a two-day training on Visitor Engagement and Storytelling, organized within the OWHC Grants program. The goal of the training was to improve the capacities of the museum and tourism services staff of Icherisheher regarding visitor engagement and storytelling. The training was provided by Mr. Matthias Ripp, OWHC Regional Coordinator for Northwest Europe and North America, whose expertise in this area, thanks to the World Heritage Visitor Center established and opened in 2011 in Regensburg (Germany), was greatly welcomed.

The training was designed to increase skills of the Icherisheher staff on the following three areas:

  1. Creative tourist routes to better communicate the value of Icherisheher to visitors
  2. Visitor monitoring
  3. Applying creative methods to promote less-visited attractions in addition to the key landmarks of the city
Complete report of the training

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