17 November 2017

Gyeongju 2017 | Winners of the video competition “My City, our World Heritage”

The OWHC disclosed during its XIV World Congress in Gyeongju (October 32 to November 3) the names of the winners of the 2017 edition of the International Video Production Competition “My City, our World Heritage”. The awards for the 14-17 years old category and the 18-21 years old category were presented in the presence of the members of the Organization, the Mayor of Gyeongju Mr. Yang-sik Choi and the OWHC Secretary General, Mr. Denis Ricard.

The members of the jury were Mr. Charles Moumouni, from the Information and Communication Department of the Laval University (Quebec), Mr. Jinsu Yom, President of Better World and UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers – Asia Coordination, as well as Mr. Denis Ricard.

The jury wishes to point out the high quality of the 29 videos presented by 21 member cities in good standing of the OWHC: Segovia (Spain), Cidade Velha (Cabo Verde), San Antonio (United States), Morelia, San Miguel de Allende and Oaxaca (Mexico), Suwon and Gyeongju (Republic of Korea), Banska Stiavnica (Slovakia), Safranbolu and Konya (Turkey), Denpasar (Indonesia), Quebec (Canada), Rauma (Finland), Krakow (Poland), Budapest (Hungary), Cuenca (Ecuador), Bamberg and Regensburg (Germany), Évora (Portugal) and Luxembourg (Luxembourg).

The evaluation criteria of the jury were the following: 1) the quality of the production; 2) the processing of the content 3) the originality and creativity.

14-17 years old category

In 3rd position, there are 2 ex-aequo winners: congratulations to Jakub Wojtowicz from the city of Krakow (Poland) and congratulations to Camilo Rubén Justiniano Llovet & Pablo Eduardo Chacho Gárcia from the city of Cuenca (Ecuador).

In 2nd position, there are also 2 ex-aequo winners: congratulations to Lucía Marchetti & Ayan Asender from the city of Rauma (Finland) and congratulations to János Gerhát from the city of Budapest (Hungary).

The international winner in the 14-17 years old category is Ms. Fatima Aguillon, from the city of San Antonio (United States), for the video San Antonio, Our City, Our World Heritage. Congratulations!

The representative of the Mayor, Ms. Colleen Swain, was proud to receive during the XIV World Congress the certificates of honour, one of which is for the young winner. The $1000 US prize will be directly given to the winner.

18-21 years old category

In 3rd position, congratulations to Ebru Kolcu from the city of Konya (Turkey).

In 2nd position, there are 2 ex-aequo winners, congratulations to Paul Göstl from the city of Regensburg (Germany) and congratulations to Dominik Helmich from the city of Bamberg (Germany).

The international winners in the 18-21 years old category are Ms. Kwon Sungyeon and Mr. Huh Yunhyeon, of the city of Gyeongju (Republic of Korea), for the video My city, our World Heritage, it was Gyeongju. Congratulations!

The Mayor of Gyeongju, Mr. Yang-sik Choi, was proud to receive during the World Congress his certificate of honour, as well as the winners, present in the room. The $2,000 US prize will be directly given to the winners.