2 December 2016

Game “Surfing round the South Europe Mediterranean World Heritage Cities”

Game “Surfing round the South Europe Mediterranean World Heritage Cities”

The goal of the game “Surfing round the South Europe Mediterranean World Heritage Cities” 2016 is to spread the work of the Organization World Heritage Cities (OWHC) and, specially, the wealth of the Southern Europe and Mediterranean World Heritage Cities to the European citizen. The contest also shows why these cities have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. 


It is a memory game which consists of finding the pair of cards with the same city of the Regional Secretariat on it. The entrant can do the number of tries he or she needed and the informatics system saves them.The entrant has to click on two cards that he or she thought that they have the same city. If the cards were different, they would hide again, so it is necessary to memorize in which position these cards are.

If the entrant found a pair of cards with the same city, they would remain exposed and he or she would add a right answer. When the cards are exposed, the information of the respective city (“name of the registered sector” and “Year in which the city was included in the Heritage World list”) and the number of tries and right answers appear on the top. It is important for the player to know that neither the number of failures nor the time spent is taken into account.  If the entrant left the game, the cards would be mixed up again and their position changed.


The link to participate in the game is: http://www.ciudadespatrimonio.eu/memory/


For more information, please contact :

Mr. Rafael Pérez de la Concha Camacho
Regional Coordinator
OWHC Regional Secretariat for Southern Europe / Mediterranean
C/ Rey Heredia, 22 – 14.071
Cordoba, Spain

Tel: (34) 957 200522
Fax: (34) 957 200277
Email: [email protected]