17 October 2016

Youth on the Trail of World Heritage – Students from Cordoba visit Ubeda & Baeza

Cordoba, Spain

As part of the program Youth on the Trail of World Heritage (YTWH), 2015-2016 edition, students of IES Blas Infante of Cordoba, who unfortunately could not visit their twins in Oaxaca (Mexico), had however the opportunity to visit two other World Heritage cities in Spain: Ubeda and Baeza.

A group of 30 students, accompanied by two of their teachers, visited on 29 and 30 of last September, the towns of Ubeda and Baeza, both classified World Heritage, like Cordoba. This trip was free, being the reward obtained for winning the scholarship of the International Program YTWH, sponsored by the OWHC. Everyone participated actively and effectively in the project, from the expedition of the Oaxaca students in Cordoba last June, to this cultural and historical tour of Ubeda and Baeza.

To read the full article (Spanish only), CLICK HERE. Also, here is a YouTube montage of the visit:

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