30 June 2016

Conclusion on the exchange Oaxaca-Cordoba

Conclusion on the exchange Oaxaca-Cordoba
Youth on the Trail of World Heritage


From June 9 to 12 2016, eight students of the Ateneo de la Juventud Institute of Oaxaca (Mexico) had the chance to live in situ their twinning with the students of the IES Blas Infante Institute of Cordoba (Spain), as part of the 2015-2016 edition of the Youth on the Trail of World Heritage OWHC program.

On June 6, the Oaxaca students began their journey with a visit of Madrid. They then headed to Cordoba by train, where they spent several days visiting and getting to know this wonderful and rich World Heritage City.

The actual twinning adventure thus began on June 9. Following an initial contact with their twins and the people in charge of the program in Cordoba, the students began their touristic itinerary, accompanied by some Spanish students who had prepared a city tour for them. The weekend was punctuated by visits of the heritage treasures of Cordoba, including the famous Mosque-Cathedral, and by cultural activities, always accompanied by Spanish students or the Coordinator of the Regional Secretariat for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Rafael Perez de la Concha Camacho. Finally, the trip ended with a visit of Granada, where the Oaxaca students had the opportunity to see the famous Alhambra.

This stay and this exchange have allowed the young people from Oaxaca to understand that not only their heritage was important and that they were to value and protect it at all costs, but that other cities around the world, like Cordoba, also have a heritage of outstanding universal value which deserves as much attention and respect. This exchange allowed them to open their horizons to the world and its heritage.

The OWHC personally and warmly thanks each of the participants in the program, adults and young people, and their wonderful work that has contributed to the success and smooth running of the twinning.

For more information on the exchange between Oaxaca and Cordoba, here are some interesting links:

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