9 January 2016

Project “Young Ambassadors of Évora”

Évora, Portugal

Project “Young Ambassadors of Évora”
In the scope of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Évora World Heritage in 2011, the Municipality of Évora promoted the first edition of the project “Young Ambassadors of Évora” with the objective of promoting and disseminating the Heritage of Évora around the world.
This project envisages the promotion and dissemination of the heritage of Évora not only through local young people that travel abroad for university training  but also among young students from other countries living temporarily in Évora through ERASMUS programme.
This project, adopted in 2012 by the OWHC Regional Secretariat of Southern Europe and Mediterranean, counts today with the participation of several cities of the regional secretariat and has the support of the secretary-general of OWHC.
Since 2011, the Municipality of Évora hosted about 336 young people coming from 17 different countries, among which Bangladesh, Equator, Philippines, Thailand, Netherlands or Turkey. The Municipality organised workshops about local culture and heritage awarding them with the certificate of Évora Temporary Citizen. Regarding the 20 young students of Évora that travelled abroad for training they also had special training on the heritage of Évora, taking with them a dissemination kit.
On the local level this project is supported by the International Relations Office of the University of Évora, the European Documentation Centre, the ERASMUS Student Network and local travel agencies.
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