12 December 2014

Regional Meeting of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean

Cordoba, Spain

The OWHC Southern Europe and Mediterranean Regional Secretariat held its Regional Conference from November 25 to 27, 2014 in the seat of the Secretariat, Cordoba (Spain), with 18 cities participating. The conference opened in the evening of the 25th with a ceremony on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the inscription of Cordoba on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The first day of the conference was devoted to the presentations and updates of projects of the Region as well as those of the OWHC on the whole, in addition to interventions by each of the participating cities on their own activities. As a guest of the Southern Europe/Mediterranean Secretariat, Paulina Kaplan Depolo, Regional Coordinator of the Latin American and Caribbean Region, also presented the activities of her Secretariat. On the second day, a workshop was held on “Accessibility and Mobility” where very informative presentations were made by member cities as well as outside experts, promoting lively discussions.

As always, the hospitality extended by the City of Cordoba was impeccable. The participants had the opportunity to visit sites within the historic centre especially the Mezquita-Catedral which never ceases to impress even those who have had the privilege of experiencing tours in the past. In addition, those in attendance were able to sample at every meal of the exceptional cuisine of Cordoba.

Thanks to the perfect organization by the Regional Coordinator, Rafael Perez de la Concha Camacho, and his associate Carmen Fernández, under the leadership of the Mayor of Cordoba, Excmo. Sr. José Antonio Nieto Ballesteros and the continuous presence and participation of the Councilor for Heritage, the Historic Centre and Nature, Sr. Rafael Jaén Toscano, the Regional Meeting was a great success. 

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