8 September 2014

Euro-Asian Regional Meeting

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At the invitation of the Mayor of Aktau, Mr. Yedil Zhanbyrzhin, over 250 participants from 41 cities situated in 10 countries of Euro-Asia gathered in this city of Kazakhstan from August 24 to 26. The city of Aktau, an observer member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC), is located in the famous region of ​​the Silk Road, a World Heritage Site, and has an abundance of remarkable heritage wealth.  

The meeting, having as its theme “World Heritage Cities Euro-Asia: Problems and Perspectives”, was organized jointly by the city of Aktau and the Regional Secretariat of the OWHC which has its seat in Kazan, Russian Federation.  Those in attendance were familiarized with the programs of the OWHC and, following presentations of participants, discussed amongst themselves their diverse heritage assets and their protection. This meeting constituted a great awareness-raising for heritage.

Well done!

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From left to right: Mr. Yedli Zhanbyrshin, Akim (mayor) of the city of Aktau; Ms. Ludmila Andreeva, Deputy Chair of Kazan City Duma and Mr. Denis Ricard, Secretary General of the OWHC