13 May 2014

Re-launch of the Regional Secretariat for Africa and the Middle East, based in Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia

The General Secretariat of the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) wishes to thank the city of Tunis for its efforts toward the maintenance and the re-launch of the Regional Secretariat for Africa and the Middle East. 

“I would to extend my warmest thanks to Mr. Seïfallah Lasram, mayor of Tunis, for his leadership and dedication to our organization. His help will enable the OWHC to maintain an active presence in an important region for world heritage”, declared Mr. Denis Ricard, secretary general of the OWHC. 

As for Mr. Lasram, he mentioned that “The city of Tunis is determined to support the activities of the OWHC and to promote, through the regional secretariat that it hosts within the Medina, solidarity among the member cities as well as the development of the collaboration with the other regions for the challenges to be met as regard the management and enhancement of heritage”.

The regional secretariat of Tunis is now under the responsibility of its new regional coordinator, Mr. Zoubeïr Mouhli.

Mr. Mouhli’s contact information is: 

Mr. Zoubeïr Mouhli
Director-General of the Medina Conservation Association (ASM) of Tunis
Director-General of the Arab Heritage and Historic Cities Foundation

ASM de Tunis
24 rue du Tribunal
1006 Tunis

Tel: +(216) 71 560 896 / 71 563 618
Fax: +(216) 71 560 965
Mail: [email protected]

At the time he will deem it appropriate, Mr. Mouhli will contact the member cities of his secretariat.