23 January 2014

The city of Aktau became the observer-member of OWHC.

The city of Aktau  became the observer-member of OWHC.

Aktau – washed by the waters of the Caspian Sea, warm town in south-western part of Kazakhstan, located on Mangishlak peninsula. Today, it is the regional center of Mangistau region, spread out in the area of ​​166 square kilometer and with population of 183 thousand people.

Aktau is the only seaport in Kazakhstan intended for international traffic and indispensable element of the Europe-Asia.

There is no fresh water in the area of hundreds of miles in Aktau. Water supply is provided by desalination of sea water.

On the territory Mangistau region, it is preserved about 11 thousand historical and natural sites that deserve close attention. It is significant that the Great Silk Road which claims to be included in the list of World Heritage Sites, passes through the city of Aktau.