18 July 2011

THE VII INTERNET CONTEST “Navigating the World Heritage Cities of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean.”

Do you want to win 1.200 euros?



¿How can you play?

The game is based on finding the pair of cards with the same cities in as less tries as possible. You have to mark the cards two by two. If you don’t find the pair of cities, they must be hidden again at the same place. Try to memorize where each city is. When you find a pair of same cities, they will be discovered and you will get a correct answer. Each time you pick a card up; you will see the information regarding the city at the top of it. Each time you give up the game, the cards will be mixed up and they will be located in different places.

¿How can you get a reward of 1200 euros?

When you discover all the pairs, a form will come out. Please fill in the form and send your personal details to the Regional Secretariat for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean of the OWHC based in Cordoba (Spain). You will take part, with the people who have finished the game, in a draw to get a reward of 1200 euros (no taxes included). The game will finish on 31 October 2011 at 12 pm.

The cities that take part in the game are World Heritage Cities, that is, they are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Enjoy the game, get to know the World Heritage and win 1200 euros!! Good Luck!!