14 September 2010

Regional Meetings of the OWHC – Calendar

The period of the meetings of the Regional Secretariat of the OWHC begins mid-September with the meeting of the cities of Eastern and Central Europe in Krakow, Poland. In the coming months, member cities of the OWHC will have the opportunity to meet within their Regional Secretariat to discuss various issues and problems specific to their region. Here is the schedule of the regional meetings planned up to now:



 Secretariat Place Date
Africa and Middle East Location to be determined   February-March 2011 
Latin America Valparaiso, Chile 28-30 October 2010
Euro-Asia Istanbul, Turkey May 2011 (to be confirmed)
Eastern and Central Europe Krakow, Poland 13-16 September 2010
Northwest Europe Røros, Norway April 2011 (to be determined)
Southern Europe/Mediterranean Cordoba, Spain   16-19 November 2010