21 April 2009

Board of Directors of the OWHC

Kandy, Sri Lanka

The city of Kandy in Sri Lanka hosted the Board of Directors’ meeting of the OWHC on March 26 and 27. Thanks to the warm hospitality of Mayor Loku Banda Aluvihare, the Board members were able to work in a pleasant atmosphere that is conducive to goods results. Besides, the stay in Kandy has allowed the Board members to discover the wealth of the culture and heritage of the city >>. Among other activities, a colorful ceremony of greeting was organized by the Mayor. Regarding the work that was done, it dealt with numerous issues, including the Quito World Congress, a review of the different programs as well as various administrative issues. The conclusions of this meeting of the Board will be presented at the Quito General Assembly. A very big thank you to Mayor Loku Banda Aluvihare and the population of Kandy for a memorable welcome.