Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul (Turquie)


Régénération urbaine liée au réaménagement du patrimoine


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Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and a transcontinental centre, situated on two narrow peninsulas separated by the Bosporus at a unique strategic position between Europe and Asia. Considered as a global city, Istanbul is one of the great metropolitan areas and of the fastest-growing economies in the world, recently developing as a tourist city. Istanbul, however, recent changes in the physical environment have taken a different path from that of the past and the city is suffering from unplanned and accelerating urbanization. Unlike the majority of the selected European case studies, urban regeneration projects in Istanbul are not related to the redevelopment in the post war period or to the need to revitalize the city centre, abandoned due to urban sprawl. Credit : Enrico Fontanari et al. (dir.), Global Report Culture and Sustainable Urban Development: Regional Report on Urban Conservation and Regeneration in Europe, UNESCO and IUAV, 2015, Annexes 1 p. 50-58.