2022 – Québec, Canada

Symposium of Québec

Phase 2: Symposium of Québec

Experts from member cities are involved throughout the “On the Road to Québec” process to develop the content of the Symposium. The current climatic, social and economic changes will be considered as a system of resources and constraints that can be mobilized to help member cities consider different urban approaches. The ambition of the Symposium, relying on the political momentum provided by the “Panel of Mayors”, presided by the Mayor of Quebec is indeed to change practices and to propose other ways of thinking and developing the OWHC cities while respecting their specificities.


During the Symposium, mayors, elected officials, managers and experts from member cities will work together to better identify the conditions that will improve the quality of life in their cities, while guaranteeing the sustainability of urban heritage, as well as a contribution to the ecological transition and global reflection on the development of the city. The Symposium will develop a formula of dynamic exchanges within the framework of participative plenary sessions.


The Quebec City symposium will take place during the 16th World Congress of the OWHC on September 8 and 9. It will be divided into 3 sessions:

Session 1: Doing things differently. The mayors and elected officials, accompanied by their managers, will formalize a political will to commit the member cities to ambitious strategic objectives aimed at: the search for a new governance, the sustainability of the historic city and the contribution to climate transition. The OWHC will thus be encouraged to undertake an unprecedented research and learning process focused on collective action, in order to respond to quality-of-life issues that arise in World Heritage cities.

Session 2: Learning cities. The mayors and elected officials, accompanied by their managers, will identify priority objectives and come together in collaborative networks to implement concrete onsite actions.

Session 3: The “Quebec City Roadmap”. Mayors and elected officials, accompanied by their managers, will develop the operational conditions that will allow the political vision to be implemented through varied and concrete actions on the ground. Member cities will define the means and resources necessary to experiment with new ways of thinking and living in the city. The member cities will leave Québec with the certainty of participating in an innovative initiative, politically at the forefront of global issues, and which will offer a considerable and lasting contribution to a better quality of life for their inhabitants.