2022 – Québec, Canada

Québec World Congress

Québec World Congress | 2022


The city of Quebec (Canada) will have the honor of hosting the 16th World Congress of the OWHC, from September 6 to 9, 2022.

The COVID-19 global pandemic, urgency of climate issues and the dematerialization of the economy are already causing an irreversible break in how cities are managed and developed. The crises generated must be viewed as opportunities to be seized to determine what might be improved to guarantee good quality of life of citizens, accommodate new lifestyles as they emerge and, consequently, adapt cities by setting the foundations for new patterns of urban development.

This is the perspective from which the Secretary General wishes to position the OWHC on the international scene by developing the organization’s ability to support the implementation of projects in member cities having unique urban expertise to share. The OWHC is at a turning point in its history and the 16th World Congress in Québec is the first big step in proposing an innovative operational approach made possible through the engagement and active participation of representatives and experts from member cities of the OWHC.

A process involving three (4) main phases is proposed and will be piloted over the next three years by the mayors, their elected officials and municipal authorities, with the ongoing support of the General Secretariat. In 2022, the first phase, “On the Road to Québec”, will highlight already existing or emerging urban challenges in World Heritage cities but, above all, propose concrete action to implement in the field. In September 2022, the working days in Québec will be high points of, and pivotal to, the process. The aim is to empower World Heritage cities so they may better assess and manage social, climatic and economic challenges through a “heritage approach.”

The World Congress will consist of the Symposium on “Enhancing Livability in World Heritage Cities” and the 24th General Assembly.

To know everything about the concept of the congress

At the 15th OWHC World Congress which took place in June 2019 in Krakow, Quebec City was elected to host our next Congress, city of the headquarters of the Organization.

Here is a word of welcome from the mayor:

World Heritage Sites are the envy of all. From Istanbul to Havana, and Quito to Shibam, they attract families, friends, and businesspeople eager to explore their rich history and spectacular heritage. As international travel gradually resumes, we can’t wait to welcome back visitors of all ages from around the globe as they return to drink in the sights and stories our cities have to share.

Even as we wait, however, we should bear in mind the hard-earned lesson brought home over these past two years by the pandemic-induced collapse of the tourism industry: our heritage cities, as fabulous as they may be, belong first and foremost to the people who live there. Without them, they have no heart, no soul. Without them, their spirit fades.

That’s why I’m so pleased with the theme of this 16th Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) we are hosting in Québec City this coming September. Enhancing Liveability in World Heritage Cities is a real challenge for OWHC’s more than 300 member cities. The challenge is all the more salient in this post-pandemic period as we search for new and original ways to revive our tourism industry while at the same time safeguarding the authenticity of our historic cities and districts.

I look forward to joining in the discussions on how to make heritage both a gift from the past and a resource for the future.

See you in September for the 16th OWHC Congress and the 30th anniversary of our organization!

The mayor of Québec city

Bruno Marchand

In this section of the website dedicated to the 16th World Congress, you will find a wealth of relevant information related to the organization of the Congress, its content and the preparation of your participation.

Do not hesitate to contact the General Secretariat for any request for information: [email protected] and tag your preparation with #OWHCQuebec2022!

2022 – Québec, Canada

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