Oslo, Norway

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Oslo is the capital of the Kingdom of Norway and the oldest of the Scandinavian capitals, with a history that dates back to 1.000 years ago, when the first settlements were built. Despite the position of the city — at the inner reach of the Fjord — commercial and transport-related use of the waterfront areas have long separated the city from water. In recent decades, important steps have been undergone to alter the physical landscape to remove the barrier to the sea and to relate the city directly to its natural environment. Oslo represents an interesting case-study as the counterpart of its main urban features — a relatively early developed and recently urbanized context, less densely populated, and characterized by a less durable building technology, mainly based on wooden structures — is a well established preservation system! Credit : Enrico Fontanari et al. (dir.), Global Report Culture and Sustainable Urban Development: Regional Report on Urban Conservation and Regeneration in Europe, UNESCO and IUAV, 2015, Annexes 1 p. 60-69.