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OWHC China Regional Secretariat

OWHC China Regional Secretariat is established as the official secretariat of OWHC in China, acting as a communication bridge between the Chinese member cities and the General Secretariat, responsible for promoting OWHC projects and programs in China and strengthening the information exchange and cooperation between Chinese heritage cities and the other member cities in the OWHC.

  • Grouping together cities that share cultural, linguistic or geographic affinities;
  • Assisting the General Secretariat in producing documents intended for members, data collection and the organization of relevant events;
  • Organizing activities intended to promote the Organization’s values and objectivesin the region.
  • Fostering better communication and exchange of information between Chinese member cities and the other member cities in the OWHC.
  • Sharing the abundant resources and opportunities of China in heritage conservation and enhancement with all member cities in various ways.


Dr. Huang Yong

Regional Coordinator for the OWHC China Regional Secretariat

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