Africa and Middle East

Tunis, Tunisia

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Ms. Amel Meddeb

Coordinator for the Africa and Middle East Regional Secretariat of the OWHC
General Manager of the Association de Sauvegarde de la Médina (ASM) de Tunis
General Manager of the Fondation du Patrimoine et des Villes Historiques Arabes

24, rue du Tribunal
1006 Tunis

Tel: (216) 71 560.896/563.618 Fax: (216) 71 560.965
[email protected]


3 December 2019

Collaboration between the ATO and the OWHC

Tunis, Tunisia

Africa and Middle East

26 March 2019

Visit of the Secretary General of the OWHC, Mr. Denis Ricard in Tunis

Tunis, Tunisia

Africa and Middle East