Phase 3 – Québec Roadmap

Phase 3 – Québec Roadmap

3.1: Conception of pilot projects


During the Symposium of the 16th OWHC World Congress, the member cities validated the results from the preparatory phase “On the Road to Quebec” (March-August 2022), that is to say the 3 Strategic Axes, which structure the political vision of the Quebec Roadmap, as well as the 9 Operational Objectives, which constitute the operational framework for the development of concrete actions on the ground.


Member cities participating in the Roadmap will progress at their own pace, following simple sub-steps, until they join other cities in a collective “community of practice” approach. The proposed cycle will be repeated as many times as possible in order to enrich the Roadmap and offer a maximum of opportunities for action.


The main objective of this step is to develop proposals for actions in the field that will be used to explore and experiment with original solutions and new practices.

The approach involves the following secondary objectives:

  • To mobilize a maximum number of OWHC member cities;
  • To accompany the participating cities in the process of identifying their priority thematics;
  • To form Collaborative Networks in which the Pilot Projects will be designed.

Access the working document 3.1 “Conception of pilot projects” to know everything about the approach of this first step of the Roadmap:

Working document 3.1 “Conception”]


3.1.1 – Expression of Interest

The mayor has to confirm the commitment of the city as well as appoint the municipal personnel who will be mobilized throughout the process (elected officials, coordinators, experts) in accordance with the procedures described in the explanatory document for step 3.1 (see the document above).

3.1.2 – Priority thematic(s)        

Each city involved must identify the thematics it wishes to address as a priority within the framework of the Roadmap.

Cities sharing an interest in the same thematic will form a Collaborative Network in which the rest of the process will take place. Consult the following document to learn more about this step:

Working document 3.1.2 “Priority thematics”

3.1.3 – Collaborative networks and conception of pilot projects

The process leading to the development of the pilot projects is carried out collectively by the cities in a Collaborative Network.

Each Collaborative Network identifies the problematics raised by the priority thematic and will further develop a pilot project for each specific problematic.

Working Document 3.1.3 will be available shortly.