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The OWHC Grants


The origin of this grant is the former “City2City Program”. Having generated less interest recently, the program has been redesigned and simplified, since it has been integrated into the City2City web platform. The OWHC grants are a kind of potential bonus for projects presented on the City2City platform. The financial support that will be provided by the OWHC to cities eligible for a grant will aim to help these cities receive technical and financial assistance to overcome any issue related to the management of their urban heritage.

The program – The OWHC Grants

  • You are a World Heritage site manager and you would like to improve your knowledge by discovering what is done in another city of the OWHC?
  • You would like to receive technical assistance to resolve an issue related to the management of your World Heritage site?
  • You are in the right place! This program is for you.

Mission of the program

The mission of the program The OWHC Grants is to:

  1. provide practical and financial assistance to the OWHC cities faced with certain issues or difficulties related to the management of their World Heritage.
  2. support member cities wishing to participate in a technical meeting to benefit from the knowledge and good practices of other member cities.


  • You are confronted to a specific issue linked with the management of your urban heritage
  • You tried to face the issue, but you do not yet find the solution to achieve your goal
  • You know or are looking for a city that has already successfully faced this challenge
  • You want to organize a site visit to a city in order to improve your knowledge and good practices

what does the owhc offer to participate in this program?

The OWHC offers financial assistance to projects that meet the mission of the program. The OWHC also offers a dissemination of the projects and meetings they generate in the organization’s communication media.

How does it work?

Before the beginning of the project

  • Read the description and regulations of the program
  • Create an account on the City2City platform
  • Prepare the necessary documents to the presentation of your project on this platform

Present the project

In order to present your project, you will have to send a document, via the City2City platform, with a copy directly sent to the program administrator, describing your project in order to received the OWHC’s approval.

This document will have to include:

  • A clear and concise description of the issue to be resolved or knowledge to be acquired
  • A detailed budget of the costs related to the project*
  • A description of all parties involved and, if applicable, the agreement of the host city
  • The written agreement of your mayor to the project presented

If the project is approved by the OWHC, the participating city will receive a first payment of the financial support.

* Note: There is no limit to the budget and costs associated with the submitted project. However, under no circumstances will the OWHC pay more than CA $ 5,000 per project. If the project exceeds CA $ 5,000, the persons in charge of the project will have to find other sources of funding.

During and after the project

Detail the evolution of the project on the City2City platform in 4 steps:

  1. Initial challenge and objectives of the meeting
  2. Report of the meeting (including photos)
  3. Implementation of solutions
  4. Final result

During the course of the project, the OWHC also asks you to send photos and a short description of them, so that we can disseminate the project on our communication media. If the city publishes some news about the project, identify the OWHC and mention the program.

The rest of the financial support will be allocated once the project is completed, as long as you have complied with what is detailed above.

Upon completion of the project, the OWHC will work with the participating city to present the project as a Case study, or will publish the conclusions of the project on its website.


  • The participant must work for a city that is a member in good standing of the OWHC for the past three (3) years or more (including the current year). A city whose inscription on the World Heritage List as well as membership with the OWHC is less than three (3) years old, is also eligible if it has always paid its annual fees since joining the organization.
  • The project must be presented on the City2City platform.
  • The project must address one or more of the following issues:
    • Techniques in preserving;
    • Innovation and enhancement;
    • Management and planning;
    • Awareness and public communication;
  • The documents presented must include the elements mentioned in point 2 of the section “How does it work?”.

Other important information

The program The OWHC Grants will be in a pilot phase for 2019.

Members wishing to submit a project to be analyzed by the General Secretariat for the award of a grant must note that the applications will be processed in order of arrival. Submissions will remain open until the annual budget allocated to this program is all used.

Send my request to obtain financial support

Log into the City2City platform, create a project, and identify it as being submitted as part of the program “OWHC Grants”.


For any question regarding this program, please write to the Program Administrator, Andréanne Charest: [email protected]

Projects funded by the program

September 2019

Philadelphia and San Antonio: Sharing Best Practices in Heritage Tourism and Public Education

Project report

February 2020

Icherisheher and Regensburg: Training on Visitor Engagement and Storytelling

Project report


29 August 2019

First project to benefit from the OWHC Grants Program

Philadelphia, United States

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