OWHC Film Project

The project

In 2013, the Regional Secretariat for Northwest Europe submitted the project of a “Promotional movie for the OWHC” under the Loyalty Reward Program and presented a first concept at the Oaxaca World Congress. The idea was to create a video clip for Youtube as well as other online video channels which, thus targeting a young, internet-loving audience. The overall, internationally uniting character of World Heritage as well as the special value of our World Heritage Cities was to be conveyed through a modern message.

In 2014, after a slight adaption of the city portraits, the city of Regensburg, as seat of the Regional Secretariat Northwest Europe and North America, arranged for an open bidding process to get offers from various agencies. In November 2014, at the Regional Conference, the member cities voted for an agency and the production of the movie started in December 2014.

Until July 2015, the chosen agency “FishBlowingBubbles” from Munich managed to produce with the help of the member cities and the steady support of the Regional Secretariat as well as the General Secretariat in Quebec the final movie. The OWHC video clip was officially launched at the XIII OWHC World Congress in Arequipa to the general audience.

The Concept

A modular concept was developed which is adaptable for all other OWHC regions. The introductory part with a general explanation of the topic “World Heritage” and the OWHC as well as the subdivision into the seven regions around the globe and again the final closing scene of the video can be re-used by other secretariats. Only the middle part where the individual cities of each regional secretariat are presented would have to be edited anew.

This version of a video in sections for the OWHC structure is cost-efficient as well as time-efficient when used by other regions – the copying is intended.

The Main Idea

A selfie is a snapshot in time and a snapshot of historical places quite often. This is the general introductory message of the OWHC movie. Young people especially love to take selfies and can easily identify with the comic characters in the clip. The combination of a fresh animated character, the real scene photographs of World Heritage Cities, and the modern, fast-paced music animates young people (as well as not so young ones) to watch and learn about the importance of our heritage.

The Spreading

A promotion of the OWHC movie can be easily achieved by links on all relevant online media platforms. All member cities of the OWHC are invited to link and like the clip online, to promote it on their own websites, Facebook accounts, to twitter about it or present it publicly during fairs or exhibitions.


Watch it, link it and like it!


22 September 2015

Film Project of the OWHC – Now online!

OWHC Film Project

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