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Berlin is the capital of Germany and the centre of the Berlin-Brandenburg Metropolitan Region. Located in northeastern Germany on the banks of Rivers Spree and Havel, the city occupies a strategic position at the gateway between western and eastern Europe. The presence of brownfield sites, undeveloped or temporally used areas — ascribable to the division and reunification of the city — makes Berlin a paradigm of inner-city regeneration. The symbolic values connected to the regeneration of the controversial built heritage of the German Democratic Republic — together with the development of new instruments to manage the adaptation of the existing urban fabric and the flourishing of community-based temporary uses — represent some of the specificities of the case study. Credit : Enrico Fontanari et al. (dir.), Global Report Culture and Sustainable Urban Development: Regional Report on Urban Conservation and Regeneration in Europe, UNESCO and IUAV, 2015, Annexes 2 p. 10-13