Wednesday, December 23, 2015



The Young Ambassadors of World Heritage programme emerged from the core of the OWHC, based on an initiative from our Regional Secretariat. Its goal is to disseminate heritage among young people through the involvement of university students travelling with international grants. 

In 2015 Segovia, celebrating the 30th anniversary of its declaration as a World Heritage city, joined the Young Ambassadors of World Heritage project.

Segovia will have the first young ambassador in Greece. Mónica Fraile de la Paz, who is studying for a degree in Tourism at the María Zambrano Campus, will benefit from an Erasmus grant at the University of Thessalonica. She will stay in Greece for six months and will promote Segovia at various Greek institutions, detailing her visits in a blog entitled "Jóvenes Embajadores de Segovia".

The Córdoba Young Ambassadors programme has been launched with the goal of showing our city’s heritage to the rest of the world’s young people. To this end the students involved will be able to get more closely acquainted with Córdoba’s culture courtesy of the Town Hall and leave their impressions on the Córdoba Young Ambassadors blog.

This project, which has been launched for the first time in Córdoba, has received requests from 16 foreign students hailing from Poland, Portugal, Russia, Mexico, Italy, Honduras, Colombia and Brazil, as well as two students from the University of Córdoba who will be travelling to Chile and Romania next term.