Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Heritage: and you, how do you envisage it?

Throughout the course of the 15th Southern Europe and Mediterranean´s Regional Conference, which took place in Arequipa (Peru) on the 5th of November, the representatives of the attending cities made the assessment and selection of the winning pictures of the ‘Third Young Photographers´ Competition on World Heritage Cities 2015:

FIRST CATEGORY (born in 2002,2003, 2004 and 2005)

23 participants in this first category have presented 44 pictures of the following cities: Segovia, Cidade Velha, Sintra and Córdoba. The vote count determined the winners of each prize:

  • First prize. Irache del Carmen Cordobés. (Sevilla). OWHC city: Segovia

  • Second prize. Francisco Nascimento. (Sintra). OWHC city: Sintra

  • Third Prize. Edelmira Helena Dos Santos. (Cidade Velha). OWHC city: Cidade Velha

SECOND CATEGORY (born in 1999, 2000, 2001)

30 participants in this second category have presented 56 pictures of the following cities: Aranjuez, Córdoba, Cidade Velha, Segovia, Elvas, the Vatican City and Guimarães.

The vote count determined the winners of each prize:

  • First prize. Alejandro Aguilar Pérez (Córdoba).OWHC city: Córdoba

  • Second prize. Lola Cebrián Bernárdez (Aranjuez). OWHC city: Aranjuez

  • Third Prize. Luis Moura. (Guimarães). OWHC city: Guimarães

Furthermore, an honourable mention should be awarded and sent (a diploma of recognition) to the following educational institutions, due to their effort in promoting the competition among its students:

  • CEIP "Fray Juan De La Cruz". (Segovia)
  • Escola Básica (Cidade Velha)

  • Escola Secundária Martins Sarmento (Guimarães)

  • IES Blas Infante (Córdoba)