Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In the press conference of the OWHC Day of Solidarity on September 5th, the riffle of the 10th Internet Contest “Surfing round the South Europe Mediterranean World Heritage Cities of the OWHC” was celebrated. The Councilor of Heritage, Historic City Centre and Nature, Rafael Jaén Toscano, and the civil servant, Chief of Tourism and Heritage World section and Regional Coordinator of World Heritage cities in Southern and Mediterranean Europe of OWHC were in this press conference.

In this 10th edition, 490 persons have participated and completed the Memory Game, so, they have been able participate in the raffle of the prize (1200 Euros).

The winner of the prize (1.200 euros less taxes) is D. Raúl Santos Zazo from La Lastrilla (Segovia, Spain),