Africa and Middle East Tunis (Tunisia)
Asia-Pacific Gyeongju (Republic of Korea)
Central America, Caribbean and Mexico Morelia (Mexico)
Euro-Asia Kazan (Russian Federation)
Eastern and Central Europe Budapest (Hungary)
South America Rimac (Peru)
Northwest Europe and North America  Regensburg (Germany)
Southern Europe / Mediterranean Cordoba (Spain)

The primary mission of the Regional Secretariats is to serve as a link between the member cities of their particular region and the General Secretariat. Their main goals are:
  • grouping together cities that share cultural, linguistic or geographic affinities;  
  • assisting the General Secretariat in producing documents intended for members, data collection and the organization of relevant events;
  • representing, when necessary, the General Secretariat at events in which the latter is invited to participate;
  • organizing in their regions activities intended to promote the Organization's values and objectives.